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Will Cotterill


Will Cotterill is a second-generation farmer who lives and farms with his family on Boomerang Creek Farm in Northern New South Wales, Australia. He believes strongly about families being able to make agriculture a vocation that not only supports their needs but also supply’s quality produce to their local community.

Will grew up on organic farms in Britain in a family that had been involved in organic food production and retail since the 1950’s. His childhood taught him much about the science and art of farming as well as the values, ethics and commitment required to be a successful farmer.

Since leaving the family farm Will has been involved in the set up and management of a number of small to medium businesses in a range of different industries. Although Will always had his heart set on returning to farming, the lessons learnt in the business world have played an invaluable part in his ability to be a successful small acre farmer in the world of big agribusiness.

Having returned to farming in 2008 and establishing his own successful farm, Will is now committed to sharing his knowledge and insights with people wanting to start their own ventures on small farms. He has no doubt that small farms are the future of sustainable agriculture and that with a combination of intensive growing, direct marketing and multiple farm income streams, the farmers of the future can make a good living and a big impact.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Will Cotterill for the past 7 years in various capacities. I first met Will when he began farming in the region as I had written a story on him. I have since enjoyed buying his garlic products at the local farmers market, attending events where he is guest speaking at on bio-dynamics, sustainable farming and more recently small business farming. Will has always impressed me with his farming knowledge and more so, the genuine love for sharing his success with others.

Will is highly respected in our region and very well known for his ethical practices. I personally have enjoyed following his success.

Remy Tancred – Sample Food Festival

If you need to know how to run a farm successfully then Will is your man.

Whether it be starting from scratch or improving on what you already have it matters little because Will is the sort of farm educator that works across any number of on-farm scenarios. The reason why Will knows how to make farms work is because he is a farmer first and foremost. And if it’s a small, organic or biodynamic farm you’re in even more luck. Will grew up on Organic farms in the UK and brings all that knowledge to his own highly successful biodynamic farm in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Will Cotterill is one of our most respected farm educators, and rightly so too.

Ean Jones – Folk Farmer

I have had the pleasure in working with Will Cotterill over the last few years as part of the delivery of Milkwood workshops in the Northern Rivers.

In all my interactions with Will he has acted with the utmost professionalism. His knowledge of sustainable agriculture is born from his years of on farm experience and his passion for organic and biodynamic principles.

I have no hesitation in recommending people to attend any of Wills farming workshops.

Nick Ritar – Milkwood