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Tomo Nishi


Tomo is from Osaka Japan who now lives on a 130 acre organic farm in the Tweed valley.  Tomo has been making Koji, Miso, ferments, and other traditional Japanese foods and sells them at the local Farmers market.  Fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits from the farm are also for sale at the market.

Tomo is passionate about growing organic foods and making things from our produce.

Currently, Tomo is into fermenting fruits to make vinegar.  Tomo teaches the art of koji growing and traditional techniques of making authentic Japanese food including miso.  Tomo also works as a English to Japanese translator and interpreter.

I moved to Australia in 2006.  I learned organic farming which leads me to explore the world of healthy cooking.  I’ve learned to cook and preserve seasonal fresh produce from the garden.  I started to miss Japanese food more and more as my stay in Australia got longer.  That’s the reason why I started my experiments of making koji and miso.

It’s been a wonderful experience for me to get back to my roots and enjoy our long lasting tradition handed down from my mom.

As I explore the Japanese foods, I soon realized the key ingredients for Japanese foods are mostly made from Koji culture.  I wanted to have the access to all those key ingredients without worrying about the contents, methods, and costs. (Miso and Soy sauce you find in the supermarkets are pasteurized and dead.)  I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way is to make it myself.  That’s how I started and soon was fascinated by the world of Koji and fermentation.

The more I enjoy the world of Koji and fermentation, the more I want to share the goodness of it with other people.

I want to share the traditional Japanese food and its benefits.  It would be great if more people can appreciate the taste of real Japanese food which is subtle and deep.