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Serving Up Woodfired Pizza……Saturdays and Sundays 12pm – 8pm

01 Jul 15

Its been 6 years in the making…..our Woodfired Oven has an internal diameter of 1500cm, can cook 10-15 pizzas at once (if the chef can handle it) and holds its temperature of 275-300 degrees celsius with such precision, it creates the ideal cooking environment to produce the beautiful pizza we sell.

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Synchronicity Farm Woodfired Pizza Menu


Tari Marie Said …

Best pizza, lovely people! Thank you : )

♥ We Love You Tari

Claire Latham Said …

“Best woodfired pizza tonight from Synchronicity Farm at Nana Glen! Pumpkin blue cheese, Margharita and Bbq chicken with a sweet spicy barbecue sauce. Amazing chewy toasted base, fresh quality ingredients and the best view. Thanks Joshua Sebastian Allen and Tomoko Allen

♥ We Love You Claire

Ebony Shalders Said …

“Pizza is awesome!!! Thank you”

♥ We Love You Ebony

Adrienne Langman Said …

“Having bought these pizzas, I can honestly say “go for it” they are the best, and to know the ingredients are fresh, local and marvellous. You will never buy Dominos or the others again. We are buying extra to freeze. So handy.”

♥ We Love You Adrienne

Jessica McGinty Said …

“Amazing amazing amazing. Can’t say enough good things about this place ♥”

♥ We Love You Jessica

Valerie O’Doherty Said …

“Great menu, great prices. Wishing you good luck in your new venture.”

♥ Love You Valerie

Tom Rothsey Said …

“Inspirational, proving that all it takes to make a dream a reality is a the dream and a willingness to work.”

♥ We Love You Tom

Allison Davidson Said …


♥ We Love You Allison

Nicolle Fielding Said …


♥ We Love You Nicole

Julie Alves Said:

“Drooling “

♥ We Love You Julie

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