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Our Motivation

  • Many experienced ‘subject matter experts’ are under-utilised and want to share knowledge
  • Accessibility issues for practical rural skills training for immediate application on farms
  • We are looking to train and hire people with specialised skills and knowledge
  • The number of certified organic farmers in the region is only growing slowly
  • Interest in acquisition of artisan skills connected to sustainable living is growing
  • Access to coordinated ongoing learning programs of sustainable farming is limited
  • Students want real life experiences incorporated into a rich learning environment

What We Are Doing About It

Giving Tree offers an immersive education and training opportunity through workshops and open days with a focus on health and well-being, rural skills, artisan food, animals and sustainability.

The learning experiences are designed to offer something for everyone with programs suited to serious farmers and artisan chefs while others are for beginners with a spark in their eye and desire to learn.

Our accredited teachers and subject matter experts passionately share their knowledge in a rich, hands on learning environment. Review the schedule of education and experiences available and check back regularly to see new programs.