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 Such amazing pizzas! Thankyou. We love our weekend ritual. 🙂

Justine McClymont

Delivery to sandy please!! We miss it so much!!

Ebony Shalders 

Our Saturday visit was fantastic. Thanks for the incredible pizza guys.

Adrienne Langman 

Thanks for having us today! Fabulous pizza, awesome view, splendorous fun for the kids… Highly recommended. 

Kell Woods 

One happy customer here 🙂

Chelsea Crowe 

The pizza was delicious. Thank you. We loved our first visit and will definitely be back.

Renee Menzies 

We had a great afternoon. Thanks for putting the energy in to making things happen.

Rich Elliott 

My kids love our Saturday morning trip to the “veggie man” beautiful produce and we love trying the new and wonderful things.

Nykia Penny

The convenience, friendly faces and fresh local sourced produce that has a smaller travel footprint than fresh produce from a chain store. Also love knowing that I am supporting a local family rather than a huge corporation.

Naomi Hood

Thank you Josh and Tomoko for your passion for fresh food. Loving the Jazz apples we got this morning.

Francis Denham

Amazing amazing amazing. Can’t say enough good things about this place ♥

Jessica McGinty

Had the most brilliant morning thanks to Josh!! My toddler daughter and parents had a ball. Your enthusiasm is infectious….Quote from me to my dad “I’d kill for half his drive” Thanks again, your farm is stunning!

Rhiana Doyle

Fantastic idea fantastic people and amazing food … Trust and know your growers, it is the way to stay healthy : )

Kris Heather

Awesome mate, thanks for having us out there today… you guys are doing great things keep at it!!

Tom Woods 

Omg I never new anything like this excited around here I live in Glenreagh and know where i’ll be fruit n veg shopping from now on. My son would love it there.

Casey Mcpherson

Inspirational, proving that all it takes to make a dream a reality is the dream and a willingness to work.

Tom Rothsey